We took premium footwear brand and client Mallet Footwear to the beach for a summer '18 refresh...don’t worry, we used Crep Protect!


Taking full advantage of the british heatwave, we shot a little closer to home - no flights needed this time. The content focus was on the new product launch of the Kingsland and Lurus styles. We wanted to create something that would capture a summer aesthetic and make a visual impact on the site and social to maximise engagement and convert to sales.


This was a first for Mallet in terms of creating a campaign video - and it won’t be the last! Both the client and the customer are loving seeing Mallet in motion...


The digital campaign was used across social and emails. The full Crème package was applied from concept to retouch.


A full day shoot by photographer and Crème Director Katie and video produced by  Nicholas Visuals.