Reebok X The Jungle Book

The Concept & Art Direction

Ahead of the release for Disney's The Jungle Book we worked with digital agency Tangent Design to help produce visual assets to be used by leading online fashion websites, such as ASOS. The imagery had to be within keeping with the Disney brand but also work within the fashion market.

The imagery was used globally on all major sneaker websites along with a huge social media push. Reebok wanted to have a creative nod to the original movie, so we used the paper element to give the feel of the layered texture you see in the movie.

The imagery was shot by Matthew Seed

The Retouching

We actually needed a lot more greenery than we thought, so we had to cut and scale all the leaves and had to build up this extremely complicated photoshop file. We also changed the idea after it had been shot which meant a little bit more work than intended...

The imagery was used on SneakerFreaker, Footpatrol and Reebok themselves.

Our Set: