Lisa Dolan - Brand Manager, Mallet Footwear


What was your biggest challenge before you started working with Crème Creative?

  • We had our brand imagery shot by various photographers and the brand’s imagery was not consistent
  • Our social media was being outsourced however the posts were not consistent nor was their much care or creativity with posts and our social media following was not growing nor was their much reaction to the posts
  • Our online store was a very minimalistic and built on a standard theme and although it functioned well it lacked creativity

How did that challenge make you feel?

We were very busy managing other areas of the growing brand and were quite overwhelmed trying to get the companies we outsourced out photography/social media to take care and apply creativity to the photography and social media it was a constant source of unnecessary stress

What were you thinking when you decided to start working with Crème?

Creme had been used on an Ad-hoc basis for lookbooks and  Ecom imagery since our launch in 2015. Mallet’s business manager Lisa and Katie the director at Crème began a relationship in August 2017 when Katie shot a marketing campaign for the the AW18 marketing which was conceptualised by Katie.

Totally impressed by Katie’s creativity, professionalism and the huge amount of care taken with the campaign Lisa asked Katie to manage Mallet’s social media, handle all campaigns, creative projects and photography for the brand. There was apprehension of what would be delivered but this was soon met with a huge relief 3 weeks into the relationship when the social media performance rocketed and we had huge positive feedback on our campaigns.

What changed after we started working together?

  • The Creme team conceptualised every weeks social media posts with great care and original ideas always making themselves available to the Mallet team and working on growing the Mallet brand.
  • Our social media grew from a following of 63k at the takeover to 94.5k  with easy to read and digest reporting to help us grow
  • The Ecom imagery was consistent and flawless.
  • Katie has always made herself available on every project and works closely with Lisa to grow the Mallet brand with exceptional and original concepts.
  • In October 2017 Katie quoted Mallet to overhaul the online store which was actioned in early 2018 the results were amazing and Katie put her whole creative heart into the project and Mallet now have an amazing online store that works flawlessly both visually and interactively. Katie will be handling any and all E-commerce projects in the future.
  • The Creme team now handle all Mallet’s creative from Lookbook’s to logo creation. Mallet can now focus on other areas of the brand knowing that we have a creative team that care for the  brand as much as the Mallet team.

What would you say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start working with us?

You can completely trust the Creme team to represent your company with utmost care and professionalism with original creative ideas conceptualised by working hand and hand with you, they take a product or idea and deliver to you ideas that work for your brand.

Anything else you’d like to add?

As a footwear brand we have constantly changing tight deadlines and Katie and the Crème team strives to meet each one, she is totally professional and remains calm and every project no matter how quickly it is turned around is delivered flawlessly with creative concepts that are amazing whether is be a logo, lookbook or newsletter. Katie and her team are a pleasure to deal with. We recommend any brand wanting a creative agency to use Creme Creative your brand will be in good hands.



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